Acoustical Solutions
Design a collaborative, open
and QUIET space.
Lower noise levels and increase concentration.

With the vast majority of office spaces now designed to encourage people to communicate and work with
others, there are far greater potential for distractions and interruptions.

Noise pollution is a serious
productivity killer.

In today’s workplace, one of the top worker complaints is the inability to concentrate due to noise levels. But noise doesn’t just impact employee effectiveness; it can be a major distraction and source of frustration and stress, which in turn can impact wellbeing. At ALUR, we’re committed to creating design solutions that help optimize acoustic comfort without sacrificing worker interaction in the workplace.

We design all our solutions to be acoustically comfortable
  • Sound Absorption
    Absorptive surfaces reduce reverberation
    and echoing
  • Sound Blocking
    Reduces the transmission of sound from
    office to office
  • Sound Masking
    White or pink noise reduces speech
Exclusive sound masking
by Speech Privacy Systems
Speech Privacy Systems has been improving workers’ professional environments since 1995, and we’ve been fortunate to work with most of the Fortune 100, some great agencies and hundreds of smaller businesses. During the past two decades, our primary focus has always been on helping workers like you get more out of their professional lives. We do this primarily through sound masking and white noise products that improve your work environment.
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