ALUR Dividing Wall

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Beautiful walls require beautiful finishes.
Create division without
Define the boundary and function of your offices and conference rooms without separating them from the rest of the floor.
Define your space
Available in both vertical and horizontal options, dividing wall tiles add functionality and enhance aesthetic appeal.
  • DABB2304-55FE-476D-BC2F-00AAA6256678
    Horizontal Tiles
  • DABB2304-55FE-476D-BC2F-00AAA6256678
    Vertical Tiles
Framing to support
any design.
Minimally designed, precision extruded aluminum profiles provide exceptional support and durability, while accentuating the natural beauty of glass.
  • Anodized
  • Black PVDF
  • White
    PVDF Resin
  • Dark Bronze
    PVDF Resin
Even more reasons to choose ALUR
  • Seismic approved for use
    in California
  • 2-week Lead Time
    Quick Ship
  • Qualifies for 100% first year tax
    depreciation for a savings of 36%!
  • Qualifies for LEED Points
  • AutoDesk Revit Software with
    VR (virtual reality) 3D Capability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Product benefits
  • ALUR’s Dividing Wall provides a 42 STC (Sound Transmission Class). A high rating such as this is optimal to prevent sound transmission between offices.
  • Standard:

    • Anodized bead blasted aluminum


    • Black PVDF Resin
    • Bronze PVDF Resin
    • White PVDF Resin


    • Custom Color PVDF Resin

    • Thermofused Melamine (TFM) in white and gray
    • Markerboard in standard and magnetic
    • High Pressure Laminate available in Wilsonart decorative laminates or COM
    • Fabric in tackable and acoustical, fabric wrapped and COM
  • Approved for use in California. View IAPMO Evaluation for ALUR Glass Wall and ALUR Dividing Wall.

    • ALUR Glass and Dividing Walls are movable, sustainable and reusable.
    • All products qualify for LEED® credits for new and existing buildings.
  • View renderings in 3D virtual reality. Uses AutoDesk® Revit Software. Free VR glasses available with every installation.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. For support, please contact us or call us at 973-446-2300.
Build a better office for a better environment.

ALUR is committed to improving the indoor built environment and minimizing the impact on the natural
ecosystem through sustainable design and thoughtful choice and sourcing of materials.

Locally Sourced Glass
All of ALUR glass is sourced directly from local manufacturers to keep costs low and reduce our carbon footprint.
Qualifies for LEED® Points
ALUR Walls may contribute up to 16 LEED points in the categories of Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environment Quality.
Demountable & Reusable
Walls can be repositioned to suit the changing needs of modern workspace, maximizing sustainability while avoiding construction debris and minimizing waste.
Frequently asked questions
  • ALUR Dividing wall is a demountable wall. There are two types of demountable walls: modular and unitized. Modular wall systems come in pieces and take longer to install, but offer a greater number of options for a more customized solution. Unitized wall systems arrive on site as a unit assembly and typically install very quickly, but are limited in their options and customization. All demountable walls qualify for accelerated tax depreciation.
  • Yes. The ALUR Dividing Wall was developed for both functional and aesthetic excellence. The “vertical” application is for dividing space only and is not intended to hang components. This eliminates the need for a space between tiles for hanging tracks, resulting in a more unified appearance and tighter fit between tiles to reduce sound transmission. The “horizontal” application has a built-in track that accepts hang-on components and also serves as an architectural reveal (no vertical seams) to separate various functional and decorative tile options. The horizontal tracks also provide additional rigidity when hanging wall-mounted components.
  • ALUR’s Dividing Wall provides a 42 STC (Sound Transmission Class). A high rating such as this is optimal to prevent sound transmission between offices.
  • The initial cost is higher than drywall, but comparable to glass storefront assemblies that include doors and hardware. When comparing costs, it is important to consider all the trades that will be affected by installing completed walls at the same time as the furniture (as opposed to typical construction costs). This includes painters who will have fewer corners and less trim. Also, carpets, floor bases and ceilings will have fewer stops or cuts. Demolition, sanding and other debris producing actions will be reduced. In addition, ALUR is categorized as furniture by the IRS and therefore qualifies for accelerated depreciation in most cases. Check with your accountant for details.