ALUR Glass Wall

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Build the perfect office
ALUR glass walls transform what was once hidden into an inspiration of form and function.
Framing to support
any design.
Minimally designed, precision extruded aluminum profiles provide exceptional support and durability, while accentuating the natural beauty of glass.
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • White PVDF
  • Black PVDF
  • Bronze PVDF
  • Polished Aluminum
  • Custom Matched PVDF
Add a pop of color.
Who says you have to choose between color and glass? ALUR offers both digital ceramic printed glass and colored interlayers in laminated glass.
  • Digitally printed
  • Color interlayed
Even more reasons to choose ALUR
  • Seismic approved for use
    in California
  • 2-week Lead Time
    Quick Ship
  • Qualifies for 100% first year tax
    depreciation for a savings of 36%!
  • Qualifies for LEED Points
  • AutoDesk Revit Software with
    VR (virtual reality) 3D Capability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
ALUR Doors
Glass Pivot Door
The glass pivot door features 4-sided sound seals, including vertical door seals, top frame seal and bottom brush seal. An optional auto-patch closer may also be used.
Glass Sliding Single Door
The single sliding door includes vertical door seals, top frame seal and bottom brush seal. Features a concealed sliding door track with no exposed hardware.
Glass Sliding Double Door
The double sliding door includes vertical door seals, top frame seal and bottom brush seal. Features a concealed sliding door track with no exposed hardware.
Glass Hinged Door
This hinged door includes vertical door seals, top frame seal and bottom brush seal.
Wood Offset Pivot Door
The wood offset pivot door features 3-sided sound seals, including vertical door seals and top frame seal.
Wood Sliding Door
The wood sliding door features 3-sided sound seals, including vertical door seals and a top frame seal.
Extendo Telescopic Glass Doors
The telescopic glass door features 2-sided, vertical sound seals.
Glass Double Glazed Pivot Door
The double glazed pivot door is designed to fit in the ALUR system.
ALUR Hardware
Euro Profile Handle Set
The Euro Profile handle is available in locking and non-locking options. It accepts Europrofile key cylinders only. Master key and keyed alike feature. Available in brushed stainless and matte black finish
Single Action Lever Set
Our single action lever uses ADA compliant hardware and thumb turns. Only available in locking options and in brushed stainless.
18” Ladder Pull
The 18” pull is available in non-locking option only and available in brushed stainless or matte black finish.
Top Aligned Ladder Pull
Available in locking and non-locking options. Features ADA compliant hardware and thumb turns. Accepts industry standard Best style 7-pin SFIC. A master key option is available.
Auto-Patch Closer
The hydraulic door closer for pivot door with matching top patch fitting and hold open option. Available in brushed stainless and matte black finish.
Drywall Integration
Drywall cover provides a flush connection between glass and drywall dividing wall. The transit post provides a glass-to-glass connection in front of a drywall dividing wall.
Product benefits
  • Aluminum frames are durable and scratch resistant and available in a variety of frame finishes. Locally sourced glass is available in clear or low iron tempered and laminated glass, gray and bronze tinted glass, and acid etched glass.
  • Standard:

    • Clear anodized aluminum


    • Black PVDF Resin
    • Bronze PVDF Resin
    • White PVDF Resin
    • Polished Aluminum


    • PVDF Resin to match any color specification

  • Postless option eliminates vertical posts for an exceptionally light scale look.
  • Smooth glass to glass connection with tongue and groove joint design. 93% Clear and does not discolor or fade. It provides an optimal sound seal and minimal deflection. Meets IBC 2015 deflection standard for glass walls up to 10’ high by 4’ wide.
  • ALUR’s standard 1⁄2” tempered glass provides a 36 STC (Sound Transmission Class). 1/2” laminated glass provides a 38 STC.
  • I, L, T, Y joints and flexible multi-angle joints.
  • ADA compliant hardware is available for both single and double glazed versions.

    • Single action lever set
    • Top locking ladder pull
    • Includes 7-pin SFIC
  • Onsite framing provides superior fit and finish.
  • Compression seals are standard in all framing options to eliminate flanking (sound transference) paths. All doors are also fitted with compression seals to minimize sound loss.
  • All of ALUR glass is sourced from local vendors. This reduces cost, decreases size of our carbon footprint and improves lead time.
  • Approved for use in California. View IAPMO Evaluation for ALUR Glass Wall and ALUR Dividing Wall.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. For support, please contact us or call us at 973-446-2300.
Build a better office for a better environment.

ALUR is committed to improving the indoor built environment and minimizing the impact on the natural
ecosystem through sustainable design and thoughtful choice and sourcing of materials.

Locally Sourced Glass
All of ALUR glass is sourced directly from local manufacturers to keep costs low and reduce our carbon footprint.
Qualifies for LEED® Points
ALUR Walls may contribute up to 16 LEED points in the categories of Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environment Quality.
Demountable & Reusable
Walls can be repositioned to suit the changing needs of modern workspace, maximizing sustainability while avoiding construction debris and minimizing waste.
Frequently asked questions
  • ALUR is a demountable wall system. One if the key advantages of the ALUR is that it is a complete system vs an ad hoc set of aluminum extrusions and glazing with silicone “wet” joints. This is a very important distinction from what is typically referred to as stick built and storefront glass walls. Demountable walls also qualify for accelerated tax depreciation.
  • The STC is between 36-39, depending on the type of glass used (i.e., tempered versus laminate versus sound control glass) based on glass ratings.
  • ALUR polycarbonate “dry joints” come in “I” (in-line), “L” (two-way), “T” (three-way), and 135° (two-way) style connectors. Unlike silicone joints, which will yellow and shrink over time, separate from the glass surface and allow sound to leak through, the ALUR polycarbonate joints are almost completely clear and will not shrink. In addition, the joints and the beveled glass edges are specially shaped to create a rigid tongue and groove design to eliminate the bowing prevalent with silicone joints. This proprietary joint design also provides an optimal glass-to-glass seal with no sound leakage and forms a structural connection to minimize glass deflection.
  • Yes, matching hardware finishes are available in black and bronze PVDF. Our standard hardware finish is brushed stainless steel.
  • The lead-time is 7 weeks for standard clear anodized finish and 8 weeks for premium PVDF finishes. Quick ship and expedited production with delivery in 3-4 weeks is also available at an additional cost. Custom finishes have minimum quantity and additional lead time requirements. Contact ALUR customer service for details.

    Lead time starts after receipt of ALL of the following: 1) purchase order or contract, 2) signed shop drawings and 3) deposit.