Office of the Future


Demountable Walls and Section 179 Tax Depreciation
A major benefit of selecting demountable walls for office build outs is that under IRS Section 179 rules demountable walls qualify for accelerated tax depreciation.
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The Many Benefits of Natural Light
Not too long ago a window office was deemed a sign of prestige by co-workers confined to Dilbert-like cubicles in the office bullpen.
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Glass Wall Offices:
Demountable vs. Constructed
Glass wall offices are rapidly growing in popularity. Building owners and landlords as well as company facilities planners and HR personnel increasingly accept the advantages of modern demountable glass wall systems over stick built glazing.
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The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Office
Two articles on February 23, 2015, one in The Wall Street Journal and the other in The New York Times prompt this post.
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Specification Tips for Movable Glass Wall Offices
Companies, building owners and designers planning to install demountable glass walls should prepare a list of specifications in advance of issuing RFPs to vendors.
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