Office of the Future


How Demountable Glass Walls Promote Collaboration and Socialization
Attitudes regarding the value of the open office concept are undergoing changes being led by the realization that collaboration is essential to a company’s success.
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Costs down, Productivity up with Demountable Glass Wall Offices
By: Mark Bassil, President and Founder of Modular Architectural Interiors (MAI) At MAI, we believe companies, landlords, building managers and workers can all benefit from demountable glass wall offices such as MAI’s ALUR line. Before we begin, I should offer a bit of a caveat. When I speak of costs I’m referring to long-term costs
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Cost Saving TI Solutions for
Commercial Real Estate Landlords
Transforming warm shells or outdated office space into a tenant ready office can be a real challenge for commercial building owners and landlords, especially in markets with a surplus of unleased office space.
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An Economic Case for
Tenant Ready Space
Empty floor space whether in new or older commercial office buildings is not producing rental revenue.
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