The way we see it.
We believe offices should be beautiful, modern and sustainable.

ALUR is a reflection of our design philosophy, “less is more,” first conceived by architect Mies van der Rohe. We believe office walls should be beautiful, modern and sustainable. With a decades long career in demountable walls, I’ve helped furnish the evolution from built-in-place, dark and resource intensive walls to demountable and sustainable, light filled glass and solid surface walls. ALUR Walls make it possible for designers to strike the perfect balance between public places and private spaces.

More than just good design, at ALUR, we strive to meet the demands of fast paced construction schedules with a focus on exceptional customer service and field support. We offer quick response rates, design assistance, including Revit VR, and 2-week lead times. And our in-house design team and installation experts are there to ensure a perfect fit, every time…we guarantee it.

Mark Bassil
Founder & President
Office of the future
Senior managers everywhere have typically celebrated the “private office.” Soon after moving in, though, there is a realization that their space feels cut off. The four walls, meant to provide privacy, end up creating a barrier that feels cramped and restricts contact with other colleagues.
ALUR is next-gen

Fortune®, The Wall Street Journal® and others have given their take on the “Workplace of the Future”. They all agree that the next-generation of offices will feature design elements that are at the heart of ALUR's product suite.

The benefits

The benefits are undeniable: better communication, an environment of fostered collaboration, more natural light and expansive outdoor views throughout the office. Many employees say the light and openness improve their mood. Additionally, movable glass and modular dividing walls represent huge energy and real estate cost savings.

Striking the perfect balance

ALUR Walls make it possible for office designers to strike the perfect balance between “public places and private spaces.” Movable glass walls fronts allow natural light to enter the space, while high STC rated walls and sound masking helps ensure audible privacy. ALUR glass walls can accommodate a variety of frosted, patterned and graphic window films that help create visual privacy where needed. This flexibility enables creation of separate work zones for concentration and collaboration.

A turnkey build out solution that exceeds every expectation.
To help save time and money, ALUR Walls can be installed in a warm shell interior. Our turnkey solution includes Revit design, delivery, installation, and project management. Quick leads times mean the product can be delivered in as little as two weeks. And our professional customer service team is here to help you every step of the way in creating your perfect office.
Tax Advantages

ALUR Walls are movable and thus, considered furniture. As such, ALUR products can utilize a normal 7 year depreciation schedule as opposed to 39 years used for dry-wall and construction used in traditional office build outs.

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Industry Leading Product & Design

ALUR is an industry-best product with an award winning design. ALUR offers state-of-the-art features and unsurpassed quality. All ALUR products are fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Environmentally Conscious

ALUR Walls are movable, sustainable and reusable. And ALUR qualifies for LEED® credits for new and existing buildings.

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See why ALUR is better.
ALUR Glass Walls can be reused
No Permits Needed
ALUR Walls do not require permits in most states
Turnkey Pricing
Pricing includes delivery, installation and project management
Qualify for LEED Points
ALUR Walls can contribute up to 16 LEED® points
Minimalist Design
Minimal framing and square design is simple, elegant and resource efficient
Superior Quality
ALUR Walls are a manufactured system ensuring consistent fit and finish
Optimal Sound Privacy
ALUR Glass Wall come standard with four-sided door seals to prevent sound loss
Frameless Glass Doors
ALUR Glass Wall comes standard with full height frameless & postless glass doors
Exceptional Customer Service
Quick response rates, design assistance, short lead times and in-house installation experts
Clear Polycarbonate Joints
ALUR Glass Wall crystalline polycarbonate joint is 93% clear and will not discolor or shrink
Tax Depreciation
Demountable walls are classified as furniture by the IRS and may qualify for 100% first year depreciation. For more information, refer to
Multiple Finish Options
ALUR offers clear anodized aluminum, polished aluminum and white, black and bronze PVDF resin frame options to suit your design needs
Functional Design Options
ALUR Dividing Wall features built-in options, including furniture hanging rails, tackable/acoustical, markerboard, fabric and high pressure laminate tiles
Design Innovation
ALUR Glass Wall tongue-and-grove joint design provides a smooth glass-to-glass connection, minimizes deflection, and allows film to be applied directly over joint
Scratch & Fingerprint Resistant Framing
ALUR Glass Wall comes standard in a scratch resistant bead-blasted clear anodized aluminum finish that will not show fingerprints and is lighter in color for a more modern look